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Prelude and Elegy (JA5)

Matija Krečič: "Prelude and Elegy" (2015 - 2016)


Instrumentation: Two Violins
Duration: cca. 11 min
First performance: Ljubljana, June 2016, Ana Novak - Violin, Mojca Jerman - Violin


Prelude and Elegy are based on a melody that I wrote a day after attending a concert of contemporary music. I was very disappointed by its generally negative feelings so this melody reflects many questions, connected to contemporary music.
Composing the piece, the thought of experiment was held back, I put it in second plan. I used the results of my previous instrument survey, developed the musical material the best I could and focused a lot on the dramaturgy of the piece, which, for me, is always of great importance.
Violin duo brings vast possibilities in sound and expression. At some points I dealt with duo as an expansion of one violin, then again as two separate instruments that complement and oppose each other, sometimes instruments stand in relation solo - accompaniment. Additionally, it is important to understand the emphasis on musical texture: in some parts it is all about the sound, sound effects and phenomenons, rhythm is free or has less value. In other parts, the tones that build melody, harmony and rhythm are most important.
Prelude and Elegy was commissioned by two extraordinary violinists Ana Novak and Mojca Jerman, who are great interprets not only of contemporary, but also of barock music.This fact definitely influenced composing process and final outcome of the piece, which is, so to speak, “custom-made”.

        Matija Krečič

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