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Music for Strings: Antecessores (JA1)

Matija Krečič: “Music for Strings: Antecessores” (2011)

Instrumentation: String Orchestra
Duration: cca. 10min 30s
First performance: Klagenfurt (A), 29 March 2011 Kammerakademie des Kärntner Landeskonservatoriums

About the work:
The piece is author’s dedication to the ancestors composers which decisly influenced his musical development. We witness the strongly expressive musical narration with many emotional states. Very important element in the piece is the percussion technique that is used here for the first time in a classical work and for which the composer was obliged to invent his own way of notation. The technique is comprehensively explained in the edition, where also illustrative photos are added.
“Music for Strings: Antecessores” is one of Krečič’s most performed pieces.

From the Media:
“(...) We were happy about (...) the first performance of the piece “Antecessores” by Matija Krečič, who also played in the ensemble. It is a rather modern, refined, imaginative and well orchestrated work, in which musicians try themselves also as percussionists on their string instruments. (...)”
                            Helmut Christian, Kleine Zeitung

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