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Imaginary Landscape of Mushrooms (JA4)

Matija Krečič: "Imaginary Landscape of Mushrooms" (2012)


Instrumentation: Violin and Piano
Duration: cca. 3.5 min
First performance: Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, 24.10.2012 Matija Krečič - violin,  Petra Koprivec - piano
About the work:
Composer John Cage was a big fan and connoisseur of mushrooms - their gathering was to his great delight. The composition “Imaginary Landscape of Mushrooms” (derivation of his several works’ title “Imaginary Landscape”) is dedicated to him and his mentioned activity.
In fact, it is music to be performed at the end of violin recitals as an encore. Apart from sarcastic melody and interchanging rhythmic, diverse sound effects e.g. “pizzicato ponticello”, and percussive dialogue between the violin and the piano, are the composition’s main characteristics.

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