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David Veber


David Veber is a composer, choir conductor and Assistant Professor at Ljubljana Academy of Music.

He writes music for different ensembles and has cooperated with composer Matija Krečič and directors David Sipoš and Rok Nagode in preparing the music for short films.

In 2014 he won the “New Note” composers’ award with his composition Opus Palladianum for string sextet, which was first performed on September 2013 at the Samobor Music Festival by the String Sextet of the Munich Philharmonic.

Matija Krečič

Janus Atelier founder Matija Krečič is a violinist and a composer.

He actively collaborated with many Slovenian musicians and groups in various musical fields both as a violinist and an arranger (Terrafolk, Magnifico, Teo Collori in Momento Cigano, Gal and Severa Gjurin, Katarina Juvančič and Dejan Lapanja, Symbolic Orchestra, Tango Story, Orkestrada and Mar Django ensembles). He composed and produced music for several theater and puppet theater plays. In 2016 and 2017 he composed and produced complete musical ID for 1. channel of Slovenian national television.

As a composer, he has cooperated with several Slovenian ensembles: Ensemble MD7, Ingenium Ensemble, Ljubljanski madrigalisti, APZ Alojzij Mav, Celjski komorni zbor, PAZ Vinko Vodopivec, Ljubljanski solisti, Elisabeth Wöhrer and Davorin Mori...

In 2013 Matija Krečič co-founded a small publishing group called Janus Atelier that now publishes his works. In 2014 Ensemble Janus Atelier was formed. Matija Krečič was the artistic director of the Janus Festival which took place in Maribor in May 2016 and presented music of the last 100 years.


Leon Firšt

Leon Firšt is finishing the Master's studies at the Academy of Music Ljubljana in the composition class of prof. Dušan Bavdek.


As a composer, he attended the international courses with prof. Kurt Shwertzig, prof. Dušan Bavdek, prof. Gyula Fekete, prof. Stephen McNeff, prof. Iris Ter Schipforst, prof. Gary Carpenter and others.


So far, he has created more than 70 symphonic, chamber and solo compositions, which were repeatedly performed at concerts in Slovenia and across the world. He wrote music and orchestration for multiple award-winning musical "Veronika Deseniška", which is currently among the most successful shows in Slovenia. His opus also includes music for numerous movies and theater plays.


He received many different awards for his work. His composition ''Romantic Souls'' for the symphony orchestra won the public prize of Keuris Composition Contest in Amersfoort, Netherlands. ''The Magic Forrest Suite'' won the third prize at the Artistes en Herbe Competition in Luxemburg. Leon is a receiver of the Prešeren award, the highest reward given by the Academy of Music and a receiver of the ''Crystal mark'', which is awarded to the most successful students in his hometown of Celje. He won the Banaue International Music Composition Competition in the Philippines and had a Composition »Symphonic Waltz« performed on »Young Euro Classics« in Berlin.